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Tooth & Nail Records is proud to also collaborate on Stavesacre's latest release "MCMXCV" for a reissued 2 LP Record edition of their 2017 independent album, on “Gold Nugget and Silver Nugget” vinyl /330 copies!

Collaborated on from-start-to-finish with Mark Salomon, and featuring recut vinyl lacquers, this reissue for a "wider-release on vinyl" shows that the band wanted to "make right" some of the issues their vinyl releases bumped into in the past... making it available again to more folks who lost out. This edition features a "facelifted" back cover, vinyl labels, and an insert with a detailed essay written by Mark.

Co-Produced by Unoriginal Vinyl, with the utmost-attention-to-detail, be sure and pick up what may very-well be Stavesacre's "swan song" album; you won't be sorry you did.